A Compression Survey

I did some brief research online today because I really needed a refresher on the state of off-the-shelf compression routines. In what follows I try to provide a relatively short, high level, survey of what's out there. Though I do touch on which major algorithms exist, I try to stay away from the details on how they work.

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The Long Tail For Games

I've heard about this book twice now -- just now on Slate and previously All Things Considered -- and have been wondering about its application to the games industry. I think while the premise bodes well for us, it also indicates we have some work to do.

The Long Tail
The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More

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In search of blogging software

I've been looking at blogging support software a bit this morning; First of all, to keep up with other people's blogging, ive just installed Sage and LinkChecker. Sage seems pretty good so far, though I wish I could actually see my bookmark folders and sage at the same time.

There's a couple of more things I need to find...

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just installed wordpress this morning -- looks great ( in my opinion )
wish i had more time to play with it but have to head out to a meeting.
near term ionous work:
  • setup information about the site
  • add some information about me
  • begin adding some articles
i figure probably about a month to get the site looking like, and containing what, i want.
hooray for short posts.

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