A novel style of programming

It's been a few years since I did the regular blogging thing.

I was in Japan, working at Square-Enix for a bit, now I'm back in the states, and working on a sort-of interactive fiction engine called "Sashimi" (さしみ、刺身 ?) My hope now is to start writing a bit about the development process. I tend to write a lot for my own sake when coding something new; so I figure, why not share?  ( Sashimi itself, for what it's worth, is all open-source. )

I say Sashimi is "sort-of" an IF engine because my ultimate goal is to create a system for writing in a straight-forward IF fashion which can drive a variety of modern game styles far beyond just text adventures. This follows from my feeling that while developers, over the last ten years or so, have created awesome reusable libraries for graphics, physics, sound, animation, etc. what we haven't managed so well is the gameplay side of things.

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