inlist: intrusive linked lists for go

Surprising, not surprisingly, choose any two, the go community doesn't seem to have any intrusive linked list implementations. I'm currently working with data that has an html/dom like structure, i don't want to expose all of the existing code to a new container structure, and it would be nice for elements to have direct access to their siblings  -- all in all, a classic use case for intrusive lists.

After searching around a bit, the few i could find were incomplete or experimental attempts. This example, by Lex Sheehan, is nice; but, it's a tutorial, and it ends by introducing go's standard library list implementation ( which is not intrusive. )

So, i decided to write one myself. Package inlist ( via GoDoc, and github ) is a port of the go standard library list package. It hews close enough to the original that i could use the same test code with some tweaks necessary to support the intrusive changes.

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