In search of blogging software

I've been looking at blogging support software a bit this morning; First of all, to keep up with other people's blogging, ive just installed Sage and LinkChecker. Sage seems pretty good so far, though I wish I could actually see my bookmark folders and sage at the same time.

There's a couple of more things I need to find...

  • Editing Software. wordpress's web editing is fine for comments, but for rich posts is slow. Perhaps ive lived in the WYSIWYG world too long, but having to resort to mucking with html tags is not conducive to quickly getting one's thoughts down well. Alternatively a wikipedia like parser to my posts would be fine -- it's a "quick enough" syntax.

  • Integrated Spellcheck; related: where is my WindowsXP, editbox, or clipboard based spell checker. I'd love to just be able to just select text *anywhere* and get a spell check on what I ( or even: what others ) have written. Not that I always appreciate it ( for instance I'm generally against contractions with apostrophes and uppercase "i"s ) but what about some sort of pre-edit box / keylogger system that tracks what I type and corrects for me -- just like word does, but for use anywhere I can type text.

  • Clipping Software; what I want is while im reading a way to highlight text, cut that text, optionally add some comments, and then store that text and its url ( permalink? ) somewhere -- maybe my blog; maybe locally. -- dingo seems to include that but uses a live, and currently invitation only(?) site. There seem to be a couple of others worth looking at as well.
    • could clippings use a shared bookmark like syntax?
    • could web bookmarks ( aka. dingo, delicious, google bookmarks ), all use for some standards; all use atom, RSS, or and equivalent discovery service? obviously they might not want to limit themselves to that but what about at least that?
    • tags are good -- more things should have tags: webpages and email would be two good candidates. delicious should have extended websearch-like queries for organization: ex. "+books +non-fiction -programming" = "non-fiction for fun"
Also, I need to do some wordpress investigation:
  • Main Page: How do I not have posts show up on the main page? or maybe better, how do I have the full blog stream not be the main page? I'd rather *not* have new books im reading, for instance, show up there.

  • Meta Info: Can I add meta-information to my posts? I'd like to be able rank them, then have that rank show up as stars, especially re: books I've read.
    Future Topics: What's the best way to store potential or upcoming topics? I could use place-holder posts I suppose, but again, I'd like them *not* to show up on the main page.

  • Email Blogging: I tried adding this post via email yet that did not work... havent looked into why yet.
I sense an upcoming: "what software do I use" post.